What is Our Häme?

Health, social services and regional government reform is one of the biggest administrative and operational overhauls in Finland.

The reform impacts the jobs of approximately 220 000 people and affects the services of every citizen in the country.

The purpose of the reform is to organize healthcare and social services more effectively and to harmonize the State regional administration with county government administration and to rationalize the organization of public sector administration at State, regional and municipal levels. The aim is to centralize and transfer these functions into counties from 1.1.2020.

The Regional Council of Häme is coordinating the Our Häme project. The project involves a steering group consisting of representatives from 11 municipalities in the Häme region, three federations of municipalities, the Centre for Economic Development, Transport and the Environment, employment services and the Regional State Administrative Agency.

The main principles of the Our Häme project are customer orientation, cooperation, transparency and trust.

The strength of Our Häme is a common will of the Häme region to build a good and appropriate package of services from the perspective of residents and customers, says project manager Jukka Lindberg.